Bookcase Style: Take 1

March 24, 2014 | Decor, Design, Living Room, Styling

Nothing like styling an 8 foot tall bookcase to make you realize how few books you actually have!  Seriously, I grabbed books from my office cubies and hubby’s office built-in and maybe had enough to fill a shelf.  Good thing that tag sale season is about to start- I need to go on a (cheap) book buying binge!

As you might be able to see if you pay close attention, I painted the back of the shelves a very light gray to add a bit of contrast.

Styled Living Room Built-in


I’m fairly confident that this styling will be evolving greatly over the next few months as I acquire more books and the room grows around it, so consider this Style Take 1.  I’m also still hunting for the perfect baskets and/or bins to live on the bottom shelf.  I wish I had gotten these before they sold out.

Styled Living Room Built-in side

I’m practically bouncing out of my socks in anticipation for my newly reupholstered chair to come home this Wednesday after my last upholstery class.  At that point I’ll be banishing Clifford the big red chair upstairs to hubby’s office (YAY).  The reupholstered chair won’t be 100% complete and I’ll still have some homework to finish but GUYS, IT’S GOING TO MAKE THIS ROOM!  I’m not excited at all.  nope.  not me.

Styled Living Room Built-in Full

The other major change in the room will be a sofa.  I’m very very very impatiently trying to wait until we sell Frankie to order it, but Mitchell Gold is making it difficult and having a stellar sale.  I have, however, narrowed my fabric selections down to 2- velvet or microsuede??  I think the velvet would be top if I knew how it would work with the kitties.  Any crazy cat ladies with velvet sofas out there??

Back to the shelves!  In addition to an embarrassingly small collection of books, a little bit of everything made it on there from wedding pictures to IKEA art and quite a few thrift finds.

Styled shelves 1

Styled shelves 2


Styled shelves 3

Styled shelves 4

Now I have to revisit styling throughout the rest of my house since the majority of my small items have now found a home here.  Darn, more styling to do.

Styled Corner Built-in Bookcase

So what do you think?




14 thoughts on “Bookcase Style: Take 1”

  1. That looks great!!!! I have a similar design planned for my office. Your execution is wonderful & quite the motivation for me to get going on mine. Awesome job with the construction & styling!!

  2. Velvet is great with cats. There is no rough nap for their claws to catch hold and pull and getting the hair off us easy. My two came declawed but their back claws never get caught. Also super easy to clean off spills or vomit (yes cats are not choosy where the do that, the little darlings)

  3. So wait…did you paint the back wall to it? I noticed in your “DIY-Disbelief” post that you just used the wall-papered wall as the rear part of the bookcase. Did you paint over the wallpaper? Great stuff by the way! Thanks for posting!

    1. Thanks! I did paint the back of the bookcase. The turquoise wall is actually painted with the stripes, not wall-papered, so I just needed to sand over the edges of the stripes to prep it for paint.

  4. It appears the “how to” for the bookcase is gone from the site. Is there anyway I can get the instructions? I actually visualize something like this in my head to serve as a pantry in my small kitchen. Thanks!

    1. I want to say to build the bookcase was in the ballpark of $300. For some reason I’m remembering $250 for all the wood, then paint, caulk, etc.

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