Latest Dining Plans

August 2, 2016 | Dining Room, Projects

With my latest finds for the dining room, I have a new resolve about designing this room once and for all!  My dining room has never lived up to it’s potential and it’s about time […]

Sayonara Scallops

January 13, 2014 | Before & After, Dining Room, DIY

Happy Monday! I know that’s extraordinarily cheerful for a Monday, but I’m just excited- today, we bid adieu to the pink bathtub!  Naturally, I’m going to make you wait until Friday to see it, though, […]


November 11, 2013 | Dining Room, Inspiration

You’ll have to excuse me this week- as the first week back in full-on flip mode, my smashy smashy work/life/diy balance is a bit thrown off.  When my mind gets a bit overwhelmed, I always […]