Cherry on Top

October 18, 2013 | Dining Room, Projects

You know, I really should start buying pieces that don’t need modification.  I think I have a problem.  Where’s the fun in turn-key pieces though? Yesterday, Craigslist was kind to me, and I purchased the […]


October 16, 2013 | Dining Room, DIY, Painting

After 3+ years of talking about mis-matched dining chairs, hoarding collecting dining chairs, and a few false starts, I officially have a set of 4 funky, colorful, pseudo-matching, and COMPLETED chairs. Can you see me […]

Dining Dance

October 11, 2013 | Design, Dining Room, DIY, Projects

Yesterday, in a flurry of inspiration, I figured out how I can finally make my dining room work. Up until now, the dining room has been fine, but something has just been missing for me.  […]