Colors: Where to Start

March 9, 2016 | Design Tips, Inspiration

The number one thing that people get stumped on in a space is colors.  How do you pick colors?  Where do you start?  How do you make colors flow from room to room?

A current color trend that I have to say that I’m on board with (and never thought I would be) is white.  White or another light neutral can be an amazing backdrop to display colorful artwork, amazing furniture, or simply your quirky finds.  Even with white walls, however, you still need to keep a color palate in mind for a room to ensure that it feels cohesive as a whole.

One of my favorite ways to start a room design is with an inspiration piece.  This could be a painting, a rug, a pillow- just something with a bit of visual interest.

This gorgeous rug from Etsy (which is sadly no longer available) was the catalyst for this color scheme.  Rich blues, soft pinks, and a splash of yellow.

Colors- where to start // Copper Dot Interiors

Translating that into a room environment, I would allow the tile to be classic and neutral while playing up the colors from the rug.  The fun part is that you don’t have to use the same value of each color- in the below space, I played with the blue a bit, bringing in a darker version with the navy in the curtain and lighter values in the painting.

Colors- where to start // Copper Dot Interiors

Color should be fun, not intimidating!  True there are pretty much endless colors to pick from, but if you give yourself a palette to work within, you’ll have room to play an the confidence that it’ll all work together.


Sources *may contain affiliate links*

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Vanity, Kohler

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Towel Ring & Toilet Paper Holder, Lowe’s

5 thoughts on “Colors: Where to Start”

    1. Thanks! Too many people are afraid that pink will look like a little girl’s room. Pink doesn’t have to be scary!

  1. Beautiful! I love that rug.

    I am super anal and I am accused of being too matchy sometimes. What is your opinion on mixing metal finishes? When I moved into my condo, I had oil rubbed bronze hinges and knobs, brushed nickel light fixtures and towel racks, and polished chrome faucets. It bothered me that things were so disparate so I have slowly replaced everything with polished chrome over time. I guess it’s a personal preference, but I thought it looked like a frat boy picked out the stuff!! Haha!

    1. Mixing metal is a bit trickier- I generally won’t mix nickel and chrome since they are too close, but I’ll happily mix ORB, nickel, and brass…. strategically. This is a post for another day, but as long as each finish has a ‘buddy’ (aka shows up more than once) it’ll look strategic instead of accidental. It really does come down to personal preference, though- the space needs to make you happy above all!!

  2. Thanks! I get nervous when I am accused of being too matchy. I love your blog and look forward to your next flip! I loved Millie!!

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