A Finished Kitchen!

September 27, 2013 | Before & After, Design, Kitchen

Before I show you the final result of the kitchen, let me remind you where it was a few months ago (which is still a marked improvement from when we moved in)

dated kitchen progress/before

I designed nothing in here because it felt like a losing battle against poor quality cabinets and finishes that just weren’t us.

Until now.

Two Tone kitchen reveal

I never thought these words would escape my mouth, but the kitchen is now my favorite room in the house.  (That doesn’t mean I’ll start cooking though)

Two tone kitchen reveal

I gave the room a fresh coat of paint, we replaced the cabinets and lighting, reused our previous countertops, and added a tile backsplash.  As one of my favorite completing things in the room- the backsplash was extremely cost-effective, coming in at only $150 total!

Kitchen Lighting detail

kitchen seating

With just a few simple and relatively low cost accessories, the kitchen finally feels complete.

kitchen reveal

kitchen fridge reveal

As a bonus, the added cabinets have now allowed us to hide away the microwave, trash, recycling, and all the other ugly stuff that cluttered up the room before.

Kitchen details

kitchen reveal

kitchen mirrors

Even with the bumps we hit in this project, I’m so happy with the results!

So, tell me, what do you think?  Is it what you were expecting to see?  Better? (I hope)  Any tips on photographing a room that gets bright direct morning sun and bright indirect afternoon sun?

15 thoughts on “A Finished Kitchen!”

  1. I really, really want to know where you got that cute round wooden tray in the corner. The one holding your awesome pepper grinder and pretty jars?? Please don’t tell me you got it 10 years ago as a hand-me-down from your second cousin who lives in AZ. I NEEED it! Your kitchen looks fantastic. Nicely done.

    1. Thanks!! I debated long and hard about if I should do a shade for the picture window too. I decided not to for now, but the fabric is still for sale at Joann’s in case I change my mind… Not that I would ever do that lol

  2. Do you know the color of the base cabinets? I am in the middle of a kitchen remodel and have selected the white for the wall cabinets but I am struggling to find a stain for the lowers.

    1. Hi Linda,
      Tapping into my memory, I believe the base cabinets are Kraftmaid’s Chestnut cabinet color. I’m currently installing in my flip kitchen a wood island in Martha Stewart’s Acorn color. My guide for the right wood tone would be stick to something medium (not too dark or light) that doesn’t have a yellow, red, or orange undertone. That way you’ll end up with a timeless and versatile kitchen.

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