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July 22, 2016 | Flipping, Projects, Shorty the fliphouse

I know I’ve been starving you guys of flipping goodness for quite a while lately.  I’ve been starving for it too!  I haven’t really dug my hands into a construction project since Dori ended but I can FINALLY tell you that all is not quiet on the flip front.  After almost 6 months of flip hunting, getting outbid more times than I kept track of, and a general lack of house inventory to even look at, we may actually have the next flip in the wings! (If you follow me on instagram/facebook this may not be new news)

Massacusetts Ave Short Sale House

It’s a short sale, so it’s not 100% locked in really until the day we get keys.  We have an accepted offer although we still need bank approval for the short sale.  Since short sales are a long, drawn out process, best case scenario we’ll have the keys sometime in October and we’re walking away if we haven’t closed by Thanksgiving.  I’m trying not to get my hopes up in case it falls through, but how could I not- it’s an adorable house!  Having time to wait will give me plenty of time to think about the best style and renovations for this little gem.

It’s got tons of character just waiting to be brought back to life!

massachusetts ave vintage details to be restored


I’m looking forward do doing some vintage-inspired spaces with a few funky elements thrown in.  Here’s the direction I’m currently thinking for the house:

massachusetts ave design inspiration


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My dilemma (assuming all goes well and we get the house), and it has nothing to do with design: what should we name it??  You may have noticed that we name our flips and if you’ve been around a while, you know we name them usually something to do with the street they’re on.  Clark St was naturally “Clark”, Franklin St was “Frankie”, a blue house on Grove St naturally became “Grover”, Midland St got nicknamed “Millie” by Hubby, and Dori got her name because the street name was the same name as the street my grandmother, Doris, lived at for over 50 years (albeit in another state).  Hubby and I are a bit stumped as to what to call this house.  It’s street name doesn’t lend itself easily to a specific name: it’s on Massachusetts Ave.  I need your help!!  Leave your naming suggestions in the comments!







19 thoughts on “Future Flipping Update”

  1. What a cute house I hope it all works out for you because selfishly I’m excited to see the progress! What about calling her Macie?

  2. Oh gosh, this house is just dripping with charm! I wish we had anything remotely resembling that style up here! I’m dying!

    Maddie? For some reason in my head that works with “Massachusetts”. 🙂

  3. I’m so not good at names, but this house is so charming! I think the navy paint on the exterior is brilliant. I hope the sale goes through. I’d love to see what you do with it!

  4. Great house! Good bones. Love the kitchen.

    Are you going to paint the wood? Is it not in good shape?

    Emmy would be a good name or Emma for the “m” in Mass.

    Ma could also work.

    The name refers to the Algonquin Indian word for the great blue hill. Since you are using navy in and out, you could call it Blue.

    So fun. I can’t wait till October! Tell the bank to go fast. You’d think they would want to unload it. Quick.

    1. Some of the wood may be fine, but honestly I couldn’t tell beyond all the stuff in the house- painting or reviving the wood will ever a game time decision.

  5. Oh my gosh that house is so darling already! We’re in the middle of redoing an investment property and I wish it had half the potential this one has! Hope it all comes through because I can’t wait to follow along!!

  6. The house is stunning and i can totally see this house evolve into your inspiration pictures. I hope you get this house, I am dying to follow along!!!!!!!!!

  7. I binge-read your whole flipping section over the past several days (much more interesting than binge-watching TV!) and can’t wait for the next one! Your makeovers are inspiring.

    1. Thanks so much! I can’t wait to share the next one with you guys too. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for this house, but it should be a good one!

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