Gnocchi Day 2011

March 3, 2011 | Family, Food

Now that I’m feeling better after a few days of sickness, its time to post my exploits from last weekend.

Once a year, my sister and I get together with our 2 closest cousins (on our dads side) and have a Gnocchi Day.  We are the “4 Girls”- the only 4 grandchildren on that side and, after my birthday in April, will be once again in sequential age order- Me: 27, Cousin Erica: 28, Sister Lisa: 29, Cousin Kelly: 30.  Grandma was the Italian cook and would routinely cook for 5 times the amount of people in attendance any given holiday.  One of our favorite dinner treats was Gnocchi (yum) and we all fondly recall Grandma in a gnocchi-making frenzy with the little dough balls coating her countertop and flour all over her apron.  Before Grandma died, my sister was lucky enough to get a private gnocchi lessen from the Master.

Flash forward to our 4th Annual Gnocchi Day!  Girls only, no boys allowed!

This year we had our first new (miniature) addition to Gnocchi Day: my cousin Kelly’s 4 month old cutie pie, Whitney.

My sister, Lisa, holding Whitney who is VERY enthralled with the mixer. Uncooked gnocchi surrounded by our flour covered 'workspaces' are in the foreground.
Ingredients: lots of potatos, flour, an egg, a bit of salt, 4 silly cousins, and 1 cute baby.
Pasta for dummies: when the gnocchi float, they're DONE!
The final product- YUM! Our best year yet- the trick? Don't boil the potatos, dont bake the potatos, microwave them! This is only a small fraction of what we made. In true Grandma form, we made enough to send home with each of us and our parents!

2 thoughts on “Gnocchi Day 2011”

  1. I love gnocchi, but have never tried to make it myself. Although I have watched numerous gnocchi failures on Top Chef. Looks like yours is perfect. Microwave the potatoes…who knew? Your grandma would be proud!

    1. Thanks! After a few years of trial and error, I think we finally have it down. Definitely DON’T boil the potatoes. You’d need to add about 50 lbs of flour and they come out as heavy as rocks.

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