Haven and Beyond

August 12, 2016 | blogging

Last weekend at the Haven Conference in Atlanta was ridiculous!  I lost count of how many AMAZING DIY/home bloggers I met and I came home feeling so inspired!!  I wasn’t actually planning to write a Haven recap until I sat down to write a post and this is what came out.  Before I jump in, please head over to my Facebook page and please fill out my Post Ideas POLL at the top so I can continue to bring you guys the inspiring content that you really want!


Back to the conference…  I’m not normally very extroverted, so jetting off to my very first conference ever where I really knew no one was a bit of a leaf of faith.  I shoved myself so far out of my comfort zone that I waved goodbye to it as my plane left Boston, but it was totally worth it!  I roomed with someone who I had never actually met before (!)- the awesome Maggie Overby from Maggie Overby Studios, and met some other online friends in person as well as made more than a few new ones.  It was a non-stop weekend that was massively overwhelming and somehow too short at the same time.



Pics from left to right, top to bottom: Roomie pic with Maggie // John and Sherry Petersik giving the closing speach // Katie Bower‘s demonstration on how to SWIRL the garage paint // AWESOME group of eclectic interiors bloggers: Whimsical Blue, Suburban Bitches, Maggie Overby Studios, Bright Green Door, PMQ for Two, Domicile 37, Pinterest Addict, Our Storied Home, & ME! // My very first Cricut creation in class // Jess from Bright Green Door & me at the Home Depot DIY Hall of Fame // The coolest map ever for all Haven attendees to put their business cards made by Jamie of That’s My Letter // My experimentation with a selfie-stick with Maggie and Cassie of Primitive and Proper


I’m still processing through all classes I took, advice I got, and opportunities available, but guys, I’m SOOO excited for where this blog is heading!!!  I took some super informative classes including ones on photography, SEO, affiliate marketing, and working with brands (taught by several rock star bloggers including Mandi Gubler of Vintage Revivals)- AND a few just-for-fun classes like Bower Power‘s Rustolium class (Katie Bower is seriously just as fun in person) and a Cricut class where I won a brandy new Cricut Explore Air of my very own!  I’m already using it for a few projects for Dancefit and really just want to make all the things with it now!  I expected to take so many more pictures while I was there, but to be honest, I was so overwhelmed I decided that I just needed to be in the moment.


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4 thoughts on “Haven and Beyond”

  1. So fun! And I just want you to know that I would have never guessed you were not an extrovert because you have the friendliest smile ever. I was so nervous and you made me feel so much better to look up and see 🙂 thanks for coming to the swirl session!
    xo kb

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