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May 6, 2015 | Flipping, Millie the Fliphouse

A few of you have already deduced, but I can finally tell you- we are under agreement with Millie!  Will you join me in a happy dance??

A couple came through at the very first open house, fell in love with the house and made an offer the next day!  We’re hoping to close in just a few weeks.  Phew!  While I love the process of fixing houses, the process of selling always gets me on edge, so I probably won’t be fully at ease until we have the cash in hand, but yay!


While I’m already on the look out for the next project (and already have several rejected offers), I figured that this would be a great time to open up a bit and answer any flipping questions you may have.  What do you want to know about how I flip, why I flip, my approach, whatever- just ask!  What do you want to know?  Leave your question in the comments, facebook them to me, or e-mail me.  If I get enough questions by Friday in lieu of my regular “flipping” post, I’ll answer all your questions.


After Millie I’ve needed a bit of a breather from projects, but rest assured that next week I’ll be back to my regular M/W/F posting.  So- questions!  Don’t be shy!

11 thoughts on “In the Know”

  1. How much cash do you typically need on hand to start s flip?
    What about a house for sale will make you not but it – foundation issues, termites, etc

  2. !!!! It has been so exciting watching this redesign / remodel / rehab in real time! Can’t wait for your next project. You are so talented and are to be commended for all of your hard work! Fingers crossed for an uneventful closing process!

  3. HI Karen, nice job with Millie!!

    What color paint did you use in the bathroom picture you featured above?

    Thanks and best of luck with future gigs
    ~ Lauren

    1. The paint is a ReColor paint available at local Habitat ReStores called “cloud”. It’s very similar to the color that I used in the kitchen which was behr marquee’s “curio”

  4. HOW exactly do you go about purchasing the house? I already have a mortgage, so I’m not really sure the bank is interested in giving me another one.:) Also, do you work with the same team of contractors or do you hire a new team every time? I’m worried about potentially flakey employees, so I wonder how you know who you can trust? (I actually have probably a few million more questions, but I’ll stop there so as to not overwhelm you.) Thanks!!!!

  5. I love what you did with this house. I am in a house I bought recently that I’d like to give the flip treatment to, but not to sell, just to refresh a tired property with good bones. Where is a good place to start and do you have any insights into what it costs to ‘gut it and start over’ and which jobs are easily tackled alone and which are better left to pros?

  6. Impressive! You made the best choices for this house. I enjoy looking at the spaces and dreaming of what I would do in your shoes. I have spent hours looking at your previous houses and I am looking forward to following you on the next one.

  7. I would love to hear about your profit margin!!! I was amazed when I saw the very reasonable price for Millie. I live just north of Boston (Arlington) and that house would go for $800K-1M here! I am assuming you purchased if for much less – you put so much work into it and it is really just lovely. I just got a quote for adding a bath and laundry to the basement of my 1952 1300 sq ft one (original bath) home (studs already in place but space not finished) for 52K (!!!) and am in the process of redoing the original kitchen getting quotes for 50-80K. So strange to imagine how much you must be saving by contracting yourself and doing all the work you can.

  8. I want to know why HGTV hasn’t given you your own show! I’m thoroughly impressed and subscribing to your blog!

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