It’s Happening Again

March 9, 2012 | DIY, Pinterest Challenge

That’s right, Katie of Bower Power Blog and Sherry of Young House Love have issued the Winter Pinterest Challenge.  You probably know by now, that I am a sucker can’t resist a good challenge.  I’m powerless against Pinterest.  I’m defenseless against DIY.

If you missed the last two season’s pinterest challenges (seen here and here)- The Challenge is intended to get us pin-addicts to stop pinning cool DIY projects and DO the cool DIY projects.

I haven’t decided which project to tackle- I go a little pin-happy sometimes, so I have a LOT to choose from.  Whichever I choose, it’s not going be very large- gotta give myself a breather from those.

Here are the pins that I’m debating on tackling:

  • Kitty Scratcher/Tower
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  • Custom Herringbone Painting
via pinterest via cozamia


  • Animal Coat Hooks (for the nephew’s room naturally)
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I keep changing my mind every 5 minutes, so by the time I get to DOing this weekend, who knows what I’ll decide on.  Which one are you voting for?

1 thought on “It’s Happening Again”

  1. Of Course I have to vote for animal coat hooks for nephew-to-be. Since we’re all on the baby/nursery theme lately what’s one more project! But also I have to stick up for my little friend Charlie & say “Please can’t you do just one extra project for me?” And also I hope you get your wish of a nephew for your birthday. It was always nice to see you & your Grandma celebrating your birthdays’ together as you were growing up. It’s a very special thing. My granddaughter Nycole & I share the same birthday so I know how special that is. We call ourselves “Birthday Buddies” 🙂 P.S. The shower was great. I had such a good time I had to call your Mom lately that night & tell her what a terriffic shower it was & what a good time I had.

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