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June 30, 2016 | thrifting, Treasure Hunting

thrift score thursday

You guys know how addicted I am to thrifting, right?  I’ve been an instagram follower and participant of #ThriftScoreThursday for a while, so I was honored when the lovely thrifting ladies asked me to guest host with them this week!  If you’re new to Thrift Score Thursday, here’s a quick catch-up: it’s a weekly instagram link up party of thrifty goodness hosted by The Gathered Home, Primitive and Proper, A Designer at Home, and Maggie Overby Studios.  The party goes all week- any day of the week, just hashtag any of your awesome finds from thrift store, antique shops, tag sales, estate sales, or even the side of the road with #thriftscorethursday.  Every Thursday, the hosts share their own finds as well as their favorites of what was posted with the hashtag throughout the week.

My Latest Finds:

I do have to sadly admit that tag sales and estate sales have been sorely lacking around these parts lately, but never fear, I still manage to find a few goodies!

Last week I adopted this sweet brass birdcage for a whopping $3 and a few weeks back the little glass bubble sculpture came home with me for $1.  I keep carrying the birdcage from room to room- it fits everywhere and nowhere at the same time… I’m just waiting for it to tell me where it wants to live.. that’s not weird, right?

Thrift score thursday latest finds

The thrift find that I’m most giddy about hasn’t actually come home from the thrift store yet:  2 sets of these awesome vintage wood theater seats are heading for the dance studio that I told you about Monday.  Not my usual cheap cheap deal, but a great value and they’re salvaged from a local building- I can’t wait to see them in the studio!

thrift score thursday wood theater chairs


My Faves from Your Finds:

(from the #thriftscorethrusday instagram feed)

I’m beyond jealous of @undecorated_home‘s craigslist night stand finds!  She’s already lovingly restored the one on the right and the grain really shines now.  Nice job!

@undecorated_home's thrift score night stands


@littlehouseoffour scored this vintage campaign desk for $20!

@littlehouseoffour's thrift score campaign desk


AND can we talk about this amazing chair that @chelsea_stylemutthome got for FREE???  The heart eye emoji isn’t heart-eyed enough for this chair.

@chelsea_stylemutthome's thrift score chair


On a non furniture note, @at_home_in_maywood busted this little lady’s head open and I’m so glad she did.  Plants are a perfect headdress for her!

@at_home_in_maywood's thrift score planter bust


Pop on over to my awesome cohost’s blogs to see what they’ve scored lately and what they’re swooning over!

Thrift Score Thursday Maggie

Thrift Score Thursday Corinna ADAH

Thrift Score Thursday Cassie

Thrift Score Thursday Brynne color






9 thoughts on “Thrift Score Thursday”

  1. Thanks for joining us Karen, those theater seats are perfect for the dance studio and as for the birdcage who says it has to make sense? I’m king of in love with all you picks, those nightstands almost made my list too. So much good thrift, so little time….

    1. Thanks!! I know the birdcage will find the perfect place- it actually has too many possibilities that I’m having a tough time narrowing it down 😉

  2. A brass bird cage? Yes please! So cute! And I’m in love with your ideas for the dance studio – I can’t wait to see those theater seats in place!

    Thank you for joining us this week, Karen! So happy to have you!

  3. love that brass birdcage! and those seats will be perfect in the studio! thank you so much for joining us- great features as well… those nightstands.

  4. Thanks for joining us today for the fun! What a neat little bubble sculpture! And maybe you could hang the birdcage from the ceiling? With a gold chain a la hanging planter style?

  5. my favorite find: I asked hubby if we could take a different way home. By the driveway of someone’s home said FREE; yes! it was a modern cherry wood computer desk with keyboard drawer that slides in when not in use. I have an SUV and hubby that wk had his shoulder in a lot of pain. We could not get the large file drawer out so here we are cramming the desk into my car. It was what I was needing and it was a blessing. The top of the desk had scratches and I just put a table runner on it, and my computer screen and printer!

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